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User Insights: App Overlap

Usage Intelligence's App Overlap gives you insight into what apps people are using in conjunction with other apps. App Overlap uses the Increased Chance of Use metric, which shows how much more likely an app is to be used by certain users.

Other Apps

The Other Apps view shows apps whose users are more likely to use the selected app.

In the example below, Bermuda Adventures Farm Island users had an 8.15% increased chance of using Coin Master than someone who didn't play Bermuda Adventures Farm Island.


My Apps

The My Apps view of App Overlap shows apps that the selected app's users are more likely to use than typical users.

In the example below, Coin Master users had a 2.99% increased chance of using Stumble Guys than a user who didn't play Coin Master during the fourth quarter of 2022.


App Overlap Period

An overlap period is the time period in which both of these apps were used together. In our above example of Coin Master and Solitaire Grand Harvestwe are looking at a 1 Day Overlap period. The App Overlap period is only captured when both Coin Master and Solitaire Grand Harvest are being used on the same day on the same device.

  • 1 Day Overlap period: The two apps were both used on the same device on the same day. 
  • 7 Day Overlap period: The two apps were both used on the same device within a 7 day period. 
  • 30 Day Overlap period: The two apps were both used on the same device within a 30 day period.

Currently, we take an average across all possible 1 Day Overlap periods to get the Increased Chance of Use for the pair of apps. We also take an average across all possible 7 Day and 30 Day Overlap periods.

Match by Country Distribution

Because app usage varies regionally, you may see app results that don’t match your language or regional focus. The Match by Country Distribution filter allows you to control how strictly the overlap results match to the regional distribution of the selected app's user base.

  • Strong means that the overlap results will only include apps that very closely match the top four countries in the selected app's user distribution.
  • Weak means that the overlap results have very low requirements to match the geographic user distribution of the selected app.

Filtering overlap results by both Match by Country Distribution and Country / Region (Android only) identifies the most geographically similar apps in a selected country or region.

Filter Off Small Apps

Filter Off Small Apps removes Small Apps from the overlap results. The stronger this filter is, the higher bar of downloads is required for apps to be shown in the overlap results.

This will not change the Increased Chance of Use metric and will only filter the results shown.

Regional Granularity

With the Country / Region filter, overlap results of Android apps can be filtered by a single country or region. This can help you discover insights into what apps your users or potential target audience are spending time on in specific countries and regions.This filter can assist you in the following use cases:
  • Strategic User Acquisition by Region: Understand the regional differences in app usage to tailor strategies across geographies.
  • Geographical Competitive Research: Identify adjacent apps users are engaging with to understand who you’re competing with for a user’s time. 
  • Geo-specific Partnership Discovery: Find out which apps your UA targets are using.

Quarterly Granularity

With the Date filter, you can analyze which apps have a shared user base, and how those overlapping app usage patterns change over time.

This data makes it easier for you to:

  • Understand how your competitor’s user base has changed over time.
  • Identify whether a market is consolidating or becoming more competitive by measuring the overlap rates of competing apps and services.
  • Reach a user base of a particular app by advertising on the other apps that they have used the most in recent quarters.
  • Quarterly granularity for App Overlap is only available for Android apps.
  • All-time data starts Q3 2020; quarterly data starts Q1 2021.

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