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Session Analysis: Total Session Count

The Total Session Count feature in Usage Intelligence gives estimates into the total amount of sessions logged by all Daily Active Users over time. It showcases how sticky and active the selected apps’ users are over a given time period. By analyzing total session count data for a single app or a single publisher, customers can map this data to a specific time frame (i.e. marketing campaigns, seasonal offerings, or app version updates) to understand how their users react. Customers can also compare Total Session Count data among a group of apps or a group of publishers to understand their competitive landscape, give investors an overview of an app’s wellbeing over-time, or provide advertisers with potential impression reach.



From this view, we are comparing Total Session Count among marketplace apps. Since eBay and Amazon’s totals have undergone similar changes, we can verify that the competitive landscape for larger-scale marketplace apps like eBay and Amazon have remained relatively consistent over time.




Below the graph is a table containing the Average Monthly Total Session Count, the Total Session Count, and the Share of Total Session Counts for all apps/publishers selected.

  • Average Monthly Total Session Count is defined as the average of the total session count for all the months within the selected time frame
  • Total Session Count is defined as the cumulation of all the session counts over the selected time frame
  • The share of Total Session Counts for a given app is defined as the percent of total session count for that app out of all selected apps


  • Total Session Count data starts from Jan 1, 2020
  • Available in both monthly and quarterly granularity 
  • Currently no Device selection

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