Usage Intelligence

Usage Intelligence provides benchmarks of global mobile usage and engagement based on the industry’s largest proprietary mobile app panel

Confidence Indicators

What are Confidence Indicators?

Sensor Tower's Usage Intelligence strives to provide reliable and accurate estimates on mobile app engagement. Our estimates are driven by data sourced from our proprietary panel of approximately 10 million iOS and Android users worldwide. However, even with a panel of this magnitude, we are unable to provide engagement estimates for smaller and more regional apps that have a low number of Daily Active Users (DAUs). Furthermore, the consistency and comprehensiveness of our estimates for apps that are included in Usage Intelligence can be impacted by an app’s prevalence within our panel. To convey this information to our subscribers, all apps accessible in Sensor Tower Usage Intelligence display Confidence Indicators. These Confidence Indicators change from app to app and from product to product and were designed to give you transparency into our data.


How to Read Confidence Indicators

Confidence Indicators are split into 3 different colors which depict how strong the data is behind each app in the specific product/feature selected. The colors are Green, Yellow, and Red:

Estimates for apps with a Green Confidence Indicator are based on a very robust amount of data from our panel of users. 


Estimates for apps with a Yellow Confidence Indicator are based on a large amount of data from our panel of users. Sensor Tower is generally confident that our estimates for apps with a Yellow Confidence Indicator reflect actual engagement trends. 
Estimates for apps with a Red Confidence Indicator (or an empty indicator) are based on a limited amount of data from our panel of users. We believe these estimates are still valuable as they reflect engagement habits from true users, but we acknowledge that they may be affected by sample size bias.



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