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Using the Bookmark feature you can save frequently used pages and easily share them with other users in your organization throughout Sensor Tower's platform.

Bookmark your current view

To bookmark your current view, click the bookmark icon next to your account name in the top-right of the page. Then, select Bookmark This Page.


Name the bookmark, set its visibility, and define its time range.

Bookmark Visibility is either only for yourself (User) or for your entire organization (Organization).

The Organization option will be disabled in the App Store Optimization section of App Intelligence.

The Date Range option will only be selectable on pages where there is an option to choose a specific date range:

  • Choosing Latest will let you save the view showing a rolling period of time before the current date (e.g. the last week or month).
  • Choosing Exact will save the view for the exact period of time you define on the page itself.
  • Choosing All Time will save the view showing data for all time. All Time date ranges are different across Sensor Tower products.


Managing your bookmarks

After you create a few bookmarks, you can view a list of them and you can search within your bookmarks by either bookmark name or path:


The two-person icon highlighted to the right represents Organization bookmarks visible to everyone in your organization. Bookmarks without this icon are private to you.

Clicking the Copy icon copies the short URL to your clipboard in case you want to share it with others.

Selecting the Pencil Icon lets you edit the bookmark's name.

The Trashcan icon deletes the bookmark.

Bookmarks can also be reordered by selecting and dragging them with your cursor.

If you change the name of Organization bookmarks, everyone from your organization will see the update. Also, if you delete an Organization bookmark, it is then deleted for the entire organization.

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