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Advertiser Insights: Top Creatives

With the Top Creatives feature of Ad Intelligence, you can view the top creatives within a selected network for a specified period of time, device, category, and country. This feature allows you to search within a particular network and observe the top creatives that are being published on the network, these are the creatives with the highest number of impressions for each network.

You can also filter by type of creative within a selected network. The Top Creatives tool provides insight into the most effective creatives within each network and allows you to analyze the creative strategies for the top advertisers.


This feature also provides a detailed summary of specific creatives for the selected network app, including a deeper dive into the type of devices that received the ad, their resolution of them, when they were first and most recently captured, and the type of creative. You can also download the creatives and save the video or image to your computer.


For instance, this Tales of Grimm ad was the most-seen ad on the Facebook network during the selected date range.

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