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Advertiser Insights: Top Advertisers

With the Top Advertisers feature of Ad Intelligence, you can view the top mobile advertisers in any country, across the largest ad networks, for any date range, and in any app category. This tool provides you with the top mobile advertisers by Share of Voice (SOV), given your selected country, ad networks, date range, and app category.

As with other views, you can define and filter this list by Global Fields to further refine your cohort of top mobile advertisers. Filter publishers with Custom Fields, ranging from revenue and download estimates, app genre, to the most popular countries and soft launch status. Filtering will help you dig deeper into the trends or cohorts of advertisers that you care about the most.

Below the SOV ranking graph is a ranked list of the top advertisers on a given network, along with additional details for each advertiser for the selected time period. By default, you will see the SOV for the current time period selected, the SOV for the preceding period, SOV growth, and the growth percentage for the advertisers on the list.


Similar to the Top Publisher feature, you can configure the displayed columns on the Top Advertiser page to display additional information you are interested in by selecting Configure Selected Columns.

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