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Benchmarking Your App in Your Category

If your app is new to the mobile space or to a specific category, gathering data on downloads and revenue to benchmark your app in a category would be a great place to start. By doing this, you can analyze the top apps in a category and see how many downloads and how much revenue your app would need to be listed as a top app in a category. 

By climbing the ranks in a category, your app would get more visibility, downloads, and revenue. Below, you will learn how to use the Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence to find the download and revenue metrics for the top apps within specific date ranges or regions. 

How to Slice the Data by Region and Date

 Use Sensor Tower’s Top Apps feature to focus on a cohort of apps that are either in the top apps by downloads or by revenue. You’ll then be able to pull those apps into App Analysis, where you can choose a custom date range and multiple regions, which are not available in the Top Apps sections. By selecting different regions, you can pick and choose which countries contribute to the total download and revenue estimates for a given time.

For this example, let’s pretend a company wants to know which top apps are getting the most downloads in the Kids Category in Q2 2018.  In order to get this data, an analyst from that company would perform the steps below to get the data on the Sensor Tower platform:

  1. Go to Top Apps in Store Intelligence.

  2. Change Category to Kids.

  3. Select Q2 2018 for the Date Range.

  4. Below the graph, toggle the defaulted 25 apps to 250 apps.

    Note: The graph will disappear when 250 is selected. Also, if you are in a Unified view, the max apps you can select are 100.
  5. Click the Select All button in-between the graph and the table. Then, click on View Estimates to load these Top Apps in the App Analysis section.

  6. Once you are in App Analysis, you can select a custom date range or certain countries you would want to include in the download and revenue estimates.


Like with any data on our platform, you can also export this data with the Download CSV button in the left-hand navigation bar. In addition, you can manipulate this view by playing with which apps are included under the unified app icon by selecting or deselecting specific apps. 

With these numbers, the analyst can essentially formulate their company’s strategy to grow out their app in the Kids category by exploring what the top apps are doing to increase their visibility. From the ASO/ organic perspective, the company can explore what keywords they are ranking for or what terms they are bidding on for Search Ads in App Intelligence

Also, they can see which creatives are getting the most impressions or which ad networks are those apps having more of a presence on. From there, they can deduce a similar strategy to get their company’s app to the top-ranking apps.

Note: The Store Intelligence product is only available to Enterprise accounts. Please contact your Strategy Consultant or Customer Success Manager to see if your account has access. If you would like a demo, you can click here.


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