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Using Games Breakdown to Identify Game Category Trends

With Sensor Tower's newest feature Games Breakdown, you can gain insights into the download and revenue performance of gaming subcategories across the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Use this feature to view historical download and revenue estimates for each gaming subcategory, identify category-wide trends, compare subcategories between different countries, and more.


Identifying Game Subcategory Trends

One of the most powerful features of Games Breakdown is the ability to see how download & revenue performance of gaming subcategories changes with time. These trends can provide valuable insights into the mobile gaming ecosystem to determine which gaming subcategories have been expanding, stagnating, or even declining with time. You can use the Game Category section to perform your own market analysis & research for current (non-deprecated) game categories. 

To identify gaming subcategory trends:

  1. Navigate to Store Intelligence > Games Breakdown > Game Category and select your desired Date, Category, and Country filters.
  2. Observe any trends such as noticeable spikes, plummets, or general behaviors.


In this example, you can see we are comparing 3 categories against each other in Google Play (Action, Adventure, and Casino). From these trends, we can already make some observations:

  • The Casino subcategory's trendline remains pretty flat throughout the time period indicating a pretty stagnant behavior in terms of downloads.
  • The Adventure subcategory had a huge spike in downloads around the weeks leading up to August 1st, 2016. (This is attributed to the worldwide release of Pokémon GO).
  • The Action subcategory has many small spikes & plummets but exhibits a gradual overall increase in downloads over time.

By observing and understanding these types of trends, you can form your own market insights and analysis into various gaming subcategories as well.


Comparing Game Subcategories Across Countries

Each game subcategory may perform differently across different countries; some subcategories may be more active in the US vs. in Asia, for example. Games Breakdown's Country feature enables you to compare these subcategories between 90 countries to visually see these differences.

To compare game subcategories across countries, select the Country tab, and adjust your desired Date, Category, and Country filters:


In this example, I've compared the Role Playing game category for the countries of US and Japan in terms of revenue. As you can see, the revenue trend line for US remains pretty consistent across the time period, while Japan exhibits a much more sporadic and irregular behavior each month. (One reason for this behavior is that Role Playing games heavily rely on in-game events to provide incentives for players to spend, coupled with the fact that RPG games are much more popular in Asian countries). This is just one of the many examples you can use to understand the performance of gaming subcategories worldwide.

If you're interested in how we obtain these figures and methodology, hover over your cursor over the ? symbol near the top right, or refer to our main Games Breakdown article. You can also set up Custom Alerts for tracking game subcategories and trends.


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