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App Profiles: Review History

The Review History feature helps you examine all user reviews for the selected time period. By browsing user reviews, you can evaluate the effects of app updates, price changes, and other modifications based on user feedback. You can examine reviews and understand user needs. With Review Analysis, available to Enterprise users, you are able to dive deep into user sentiment and analyze these reviews.

We categorize reviews as either Positive Reviews or Negative Reviews. Positive Reviews are those with ratings of three stars and above, whereas Negative Reviews are those with ratings below three stars.

All Reviews

In the All Reviews tab, you can filter the reviews by Rating and app Version. Reviews for App Store apps can also be filtered by Country, while those in the Google Play Store can be filtered by Language.

This is due to differences in the way that Apple and Google categorize reviews in their respective app stores. 

  • All_Reviews.jpeg

  • All_Reviews_Android.png


The Country Breakdown tab shows App Store review metrics for a specific app version for all countries in which the app is available while the Language Breakdown tab shows review metrics for the chosen Android app in all languages in which reviews have been submitted.

  • Review_History_Country_Breakdown.jpeg

  • Language_Breakdown.png

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