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ASO: Keyword Downloads

Keyword Downloads is an Enterprise App Intelligence product that estimates the downloads an app earns from all the keywords it ranks for.

For users with only an App Intelligence Enterprise subscription, it shows each keyword's share of downloads from Search. For users with Store Intelligence in addition to an App Intelligence subscription, it also indicates download estimate absolutes.




With Keyword Download estimates, you can better understand the impact of your ASO efforts, help inform your user acquisition campaigns, and discover which terms are driving your competition's downloads from Search. Keyword Downloads can answer questions like:

  • How many of Disney+'s downloads come from users searching for 'star wars,' and how many come from users searching for 'iron man'?
  • Is it better for my app to rank at #1 for many low traffic keywords or #3 for one popular keyword?
  • How many new users did my recent ASO campaign earn?

How to Use Keyword Downloads

You can select specific keywords you'd like to measure. 'All keywords' are selected by default. That includes keywords that you've added to your tracked keyword lists and keywords you aren't tracking but are driving downloads. You can control which keywords are populated on the graph using the Keywords dropdown. You may also select by Keyword Tab to look at specific sets of keywords if you've set up custom tabs.




In addition to showing you how many downloads your tracked keywords are driving, Keyword Downloads suggests keywords you are not tracking yet that are driving downloads. These gray keywords are your Untracked Keywords. You can show or hide Untracked Keywords with the Untracked Keywords toggle above the left side of the table. To start tracking Untracked Keywords, select Display. This will show all of your Untracked Keywords in gray. You may then "Select All" or select the specific keywords you'd like to start tracking. Then click Track Keywords to add them to your list of tracked keywords.




These newly tracked Keywords will now appear across other ASO products, like Keyword Rankings and Keyword Overview.

One week of Keyword Downloads estimates are also exposed as a column in Keyword Rankings.



Keyword Download estimates are generated using signals from across Sensor Tower's unique data set.

  1. We begin with our very accurate download estimates from Store Intel.
  2. Then, we model an app's share of downloads from Search by Category.
  3. We adjust the share of downloads from Search based on other data, like the app's visibility in search and advertising activity.
  4. Then, we break out the downloads from search into each keyword that the app ranks for.
  5. Based on the keyword's traffic and the app's rank for that keyword, we allocate a percentage of the downloads from search to each keyword.
  6. As each keyword's traffic score shifts, and the app's rank for that keyword changes, we adjust the estimates over time.

Additional Information

  • 84 countries are currently supported.
  • Estimates go back to January 1, 2020, and are available as recently as three days ago.
  • Keyword Downloads are available in Weekly and Monthly date granularities.

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