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App Intelligence is a comprehensive toolkit for evaluating and optimizing an app’s organic strategy

ASO: Keyword Overview

Keyword Overview is an easy way to measure an app’s overall ASO performance for a list of keywords over time. Keyword Overview takes the keywords that you’re already tracking in Keyword Rankings and shows you how many keywords you’re ranking at #1, #2-3, #4-5, #6-10, and so on.

Keyword Overview also supports the tabs feature from Keyword Rankings. With tabs, you can organize your keywords into groups, and track those keywords separately. So, for example, you could break out your app’s ASO performance on your brand keywords, your competitor’s keywords, and your historical campaigns. Learn more about Keyword Ranking tabs.


To filter out less commonly used keywords, use the Min. Traffic Score filter to set a floor for the keywords that will be graphed. Using traffic score filtering in tandem with tabs can be very powerful!

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