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App Profiles: Featured App Rankings

The Featured App Rankings module provides insights into the impact of an app being featured in the App Store or Google Play Store. You can see a detailed breakdown of the effect of a particular creative, as well as the impression made by Features in different countries.

You can easily filter by Date Range, Country, and Feature Type, and chart an app's Feature Downloads (the number of estimated feature-driven downloads) or Feature Occurrences (the number of times the app has been featured) over time.

Featured App Chart

Downloads or Occurrences can be visualized by either a Country Breakdown or a Feature Type Breakdown. Select the metric you would like to chart using the toggle in the top right and your preferred breakdown using the dropdown menu at the top left. 


Feature Creatives Table

View the Creative used in each feature, its Feature Type, the Country in which the feature appeared, the Location in the app store where the feature appeared, the app's lowest Category Position during the selected period, and the Downloads driven directly by that feature. Note that the information available in this table respects any filters that have been applied.


Countries Table

Compare feature-driven Downloads with Occurrences, broken out by Country. Note that the information available in this table respects any filters that have been applied.

In the example below, in the 30-day period selected, Clash of Clans was featured 290 times in the United States’ Play Store, representing 1.69% of the app's features across filtered countries. We estimate that almost 15% of feature-driven downloads across all countries for Clash of Clans took place in the United States.


You can click on the Downloads, Occurrences or % Share column headers to rank the selected countries by that metric in ascending or descending order. 

Feature Types

  App Store

  1. Story: In-depth articles about specific apps found within the Today tab.
  2. App of Day: App of the Day and Game of the Day features found within the Today tab.
  3. App List: Collections of apps that share a theme, found within the Today tab.
  4. Hero: Large banners at the top of the store. Media and Content are two additional types of Hero with different content displayed after tapping (i.e., list, single app, video).
  5. List: Collections of featured apps with no artwork.
  6. Screenshot/Video: Collections of apps accompanied by their screenshots or video trailers, found within the Games and Apps tabs.

  Google Play Store

  1. Hero: Large banners found at the top of the Apps and Games tabs.
  2. List: Collections of featured apps listed with their icon or screenshots. 
  • The Google Play Store predominantly displays dynamic, personalized app recommendations in place of static, curated features. Featured App Rankings only includes features which are displayed consistently to all users.
  • Google Play's New & Updated Games list can include games from a range of sub-categories and is displayed throughout the Play Store. An app featured in this list will therefore sometimes be featured on sub-category pages other than its own.

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