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App Intelligence is a comprehensive toolkit for evaluating and optimizing an app’s organic strategy

My Sales Metrics

The My Sales Metrics and My App Analytics modules allow you to sync your iTunes Connect and Google Play Developer Accounts with Sensor Tower to conveniently view and analyze all your relevant performance statistics in one platform. Quickly navigate between your Downloads and Revenue data and other key metrics such as Category Rankings and Keyword Rankings.

These features allow you to explore and compare data from the app store's platforms and Sensor Tower's platform without leaving Sensor Tower.

My Sales Metrics lets you effortlessly view downloads and revenue data for your apps. You can visualize this data by country, publisher, device, app, and In-App Purchases by simply switching between these criteria in the left-hand navigation. Additionally, you can choose to analyze connected apps from the App Store, Google Play Store, or both stores at the same time with Sensor Tower's Unified Store.


Within the In-App Purchase section of My Sales Metrics, you can measure revenue breakdowns by each In-App Purchase or Subscription SKU across all your connected apps on both stores. This allows you to analyze the specific revenue and usage breakdowns of your apps' IAPs, so that you can understand which SKUs your customers are primarily paying for, and how that trend has shifted over time.

SKU details align with In-App Purchase and Subscription details in the store consoles, but may differ slightly from what is displayed on the store listing Top IAP list.


Additionally, the Product Type filter allows you to choose which revenue metrics (In-App Purchase, Subscription, Paid Install) you want to analyze below.

You may see a very slight difference in revenue listed on the IAP page vs other breakdown types due to the rounding logic on a SKU level vs a Product Type level.

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