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App Profiles: Review Analysis

The Review Analysis feature surfaces valuable user feedback by date, country or language, rating, and searchable terms.

Analysis by term

In the Terms tab, you can sift through the most mentioned review terms to identify your users’ biggest pain points and export the reviews as a CSV file. With this feature, you can dive deep into user feedback and analyze user's needs to help prioritize user problems and product requests.


Analysis by tag

In the Tags tab, through natural language processing, Review Analysis also provides you with tags such as Love It! and Bugs to help you easily analyze review sentiment or themes.

You can also translate reviews into multiple languages, and export them into a CSV file to conduct your own analysis.


Because the Google Play Store categorizes reviews by language, when selecting a country to filter Android app reviews by you will see reviews from other countries that share that country's official language. For example, if filtering reviews from the US, reviews from countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand will also appear. 

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