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ASO: Keyword Optimization

This module is only available for apps in the App Store.

Our Keyword Optimization module empowers you to use your keyword character count in the most efficient way possible. Learn which keywords are recommended and which are taking up precious space that you could use more wisely.


Recommended keywords will be indicated in green; unnecessary keywords (e.g. plurals) in yellow; those that should be removed will be marked in red. These red keywords will tend to be duplicates and those that already exist in your app name as these do not need to also be listed as a keyword. Any issues with your keyword selection will be listed under Suggestions.

Your Entered Keywords will be listed alongside your current ranking for that keyword, the keyword's traffic and difficulty scores and the number of apps currently using that keyword. Start tracking untracked keywords by clicking Track keyword beside any keyword or save time with Track All Keywords. To quickly remove any keyword from your keyword string, click the icon beside any entered keyword.

From our Keyword Suggestions module, you will see a list of Suggested Potential Keywords alongside key metrics to help you decide which keywords should be added to your keyword string. Click the icon beside any suggested keyword to add it to your keyword string. 

Keyword metric definitions

  • Traffic Score (out of 10) determines how often this specific keyword is searched within the app store. A higher traffic score means more people are searching this term, and more people will see the apps ranking for this keyword.
  • Difficulty Score (out of 10) determines how hard it is for an app to be ranked first for this keyword. A lower difficulty score means it will be easier to rank in the top search results when this keyword is searched. Apps with a higher number of downloads may find it easier to go after keywords with a higher difficulty score.

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