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ASO: Keyword Suggestions

The Keyword Suggestions feature can help you identify the most valuable keywords and phrases to use within your string of keywords. With this module, you are able to view keywords based on the keywords your selected app is currently ranking for on the selected app store.

Your Seed Keywords are keywords pulled from Keyword Rankings that your selected app is currently ranking for on the selected app store.

This feature allows you to find potential keywords for your keyword string that you can begin tracking in Keyword Rankings or add to your keyword string within Keyword Optimization

The Keywords/Phrases toggle allows you to choose between suggesting singular keywords or short multi-word phrases.


Keywords with historically very low traffic may not have a Difficulty Score. However, if a keyword is tracked by any Sensor Tower user, we will start collecting the relevant data and make its Difficulty Score available to all users by default.

Advanced settings

Check the Advanced Settings checkbox to show Filter Strength and Keyword Weight settings.

Filter Strength lets you weigh your current keywords differently based on importance and relevance and lets you control how closely the suggested potential keywords resemble your current keywords. A high Filter Strength will produce fewer results but the results will be more relevant, while a lower Filter Strength will produce more keywords but they will be more general.

For even more accurate results, assign your most relevant keywords or keyword phrases a higher Weight. The higher the weight, the more important the keywords are when generating new ones.

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