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App Intelligence is a comprehensive toolkit for evaluating and optimizing an app’s organic strategy

ASO: Keyword Spy

The Keyword Spy module helps you evaluate competitors’ keywords and keyword selection strategies by pulling in the keywords your app and another selected app are currently ranking for within your selected store.

The numbers next to the keywords are the keyword rankings for that particular app. Keywords in the middle column are those shared by the two apps. You can understand your competitors' keyword selection strategy compared side-by-side to your own app's strategies.

You can research these keywords directly within the Keyword Research module by clicking on any keyword.

Keywords you are already tracking will be grayed out. If you wish to track other keywords shown, select the + icon beside the keyword or track all keywords in a given list by selecting + Track these keywords.


Some keywords are filtered out in Keyword Spy due to their similarity to already displayed terms. To see the full list — similar words and all — check the Display Filtered Keywords checkbox at the bottom of each app's keyword list.

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