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Publisher Breakdown

The Publisher Breakdown module of Store Intelligence provides direct feedback on the download and revenue estimates of one or more Publishers that you choose by name.


Follow the steps below to use the Publisher Breakdown feature:

Select whether you'd like to see the data broken out by App, Country, Device, or Publisher in the left menu:

  • Publisher Breakdown by App: This way we can compare a publisher's apps with either its own apps or with other Publishers. You can see the most popular/most revenue-generating app of a publisher by this view.  
  • Publisher Breakdown by Country: This way we can compare a publisher's downloads/revenue across countries. If you only select one publisher, you can view how well they are doing across the world and what countries they are performing the best in or the worst in. If you select multiple publishers, it will aggregate their downloads and revenue and you can see where in the world these multiple publishers are performing the best/worst. You can see the most popular/most revenue-generating country of a publisher by this view. 
  • Publisher Breakdown by Device: This way we can compare a publisher's downloads/revenue across devices. If you select the Unified view to look at data from both the App Store and the Google Play Store, then you can compare how many downloads/revenue the selected publishers are getting from iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. This way you can see if a publisher is doing better on Apple devices or Android devices. 
  • Publisher Breakdown by Publisher: This way we can compare Publishers against one another. This is a more wholistic view of publishers by looking at the entire publisher rather than breaking it out by its apps or countries. You can see the most popular/most revenue publisher in this view. 
  1. Select an App Store - App Store, Google Play or Unified for both app stores.
  2. Pick either whether you'd like to view the publisher's Downloads or Revenue.
  3. Select the Publishers you'd like to view the downloads or revenue for.
  4. Then filter the data in whichever way you'd like using the filters at the top of the graph.
  5. All of this data is also Exportable to a CSV.


Publisher Breakdown can help you find all apps and their performance of a publisher in different ways. With this feature, you will be able to discover growing publishers and identify potential leads.

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