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The Top Publishers module of Store Intelligence gives an overall view of the most successful publishers in terms of downloads or revenue within a selected time period. Click to know more about how we define Downloads and Revenue

It supplies data for the top 10,000 publishers in Apple’s and Google’s respective App Store platforms for a selected time period that can be broken down by filters (Category, Country, and Device) and viewed in graphs and customizable columns. You can choose App Store/Google Play/Unified to see the top publishers with most downloads or revenue in each or both stores combined.

There are three options within the Top Publishers Feature to view this data from different angles: AbsoluteGrowth, and Growth Percentage.

  • Absolute: The publishers with the most downloads/revenue in the currently selected date range will be listed first.
  • Growth: The Growth View orders these publishers by publishers with the largest increase in downloads or revenue for the current time period, as compared to its prior time period. The publishers with the largest "growth" since its last time period will be ranked first.
  • Growth Percentage: currently selected time period's value, divided by the prior same time period's value. The publishers that have the highest percentage of growth will be listed first.

Note: If there is a publisher with very low downloads, and then all of a sudden has a new app of this publisher come out that receives a lot of downloads, the Publisher will have a very high Growth Percentage and be on this graph. 


Below is a view of Top Publishers by Absolute downloads over the selected time period in the App Store. 




The table below the graph with the exact data in customizable columns. This is sorted by Absolute/Growth/Growth % of Downloads or Revenue. You can add or remove columns in Configure Selected Columns to decide the exact view.  



This section enables you to understand top-ranking publishers and how their performance is in a given time, find your position and top publishers within the same category, and discover publishers with a new app come out in a specific market. Use Top Publishers s to stay ahead of the curve for the next big mobile trends!

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