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Store Summary

The Store Summary module of Store Intelligence product provides insights into the entirety of the App Store or Google Play Store. This Module gives you a full summary of the entire Store that has been selected. Unlike Publisher Breakdown and App Analysis, you do not have to select an App or Publisher. All you have to do is select whether you'd like to see a summary of the App Store or of the Google Play Store.




You can use the filters at the top of the graph to breakdown the information by:

  • Downloads/Revenue: View how many Downloads the selected store is getting/View how much Revenue the selected store is getting.
  • Date Range: Select the Date Range that you'd like to get a summary of the store.
  • Device: Select what devices (either iPhone or iPad if in the App Store) and view how much impact those devices have in the store
  • Category: Break out the Store Summary by selecting specific categories.
  • Country: Break out the Store Summary by selecting only specific countries or the entire world.


Store Summary gives you a macro-level view of entire app stores. It helps you understand the general trends of the whole mobile market and decide on which markets to target for future app development. 

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