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ARPDAU (Average Revenue per Daily Active User)

Average Revenue per Daily Active User, or ARPDAU, is a measure of how successfully an app monetizes its active users. ARPDAU is a front-end-only feature in Store App Analysis that compares Revenue estimates to Daily Active User estimates. It requires enterprise subscriptions to both our Store and Usage products.



ARPDAU calculations take the total revenue over a period and divide revenue by the active users over the same period. At a daily granularity:

ARPDAU = Revenue earned on a day / Active users on a day

If the daily ARPDAU is too volatile, you can engage weekly or monthly ARPDAU. These calculations compare the total revenue over a week or month to the sum of DAU’s over the week or month. 

So, over a monthly period:


ARPDAU = Revenue earned over a month / Sum of daily active users over the month


Note that points on the graph will snap to calendar weeks and months. 

ARPDAU is based on our Store Intelligence Revenue metrics and our Usage Active User metrics. Sometimes for very small apps, we are unable to calculate the Active Users of a specific small app. If this is the case, we will gray out the app that is too small and note that "The app is not big enough for accurate user estimates".


For more on our methodology, you can see our Help document on Usage Methodology.


How to Use ARPDAU?

You can use ARPDAU in the App view to compare the performance of competitive apps, or of various apps operated by the same publisher. 

  • ARPDAU can generate powerful insights in the Country view for exploring how various kinds of apps monetize across regions. 

  • Use the Device view to compare monetization per active user across iPhone, Android, and iPad. 

  • Add multiple apps from various publishers, and select the Publisher view to compare those companies’ active user monetization success.

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