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App Analysis

Store Intelligence's App Analysis module offers the fastest path to viewing download and revenue estimates for an app over any date range.

App Analysis helps you understand the direction of app health to identify the threat of competitors and pinpoint times of significant download or revenue changes. Breaking down downloads and revenue in different ways allows you to find potential opportunities or risks quickly and easily.


Follow the steps below to use the App Analysis feature:

  1. Select whether you'd like to see the data broken out by Country, Publisher, Device, or App.
    • App Analysis by Country: compare countries' downloads and revenue side by side within the same graph for the selected apps.
    • App Analysis by Publisher: compare publisher's downloads and revenue side by side within the same graph for the selected apps. When the data is broken out by Publisher like this, you can view the performance of entire publishers. Select as many apps as you like and break the data down by publisher to see which Publisher of the selected apps is getting the most downloads or getting the most revenue. 

      If you'd like to view all of a Publisher's apps or the downloads/revenue of the publisher in full, please use the Publisher Breakdown feature instead. Publisher Breakdown will pull all of the apps under a publisher into the graph. App Analysis by Publisher will only give you the downloads/revenue for the selected apps, but broken out by Publisher. 

    • App Analysis by Device: compare downloads and revenue based on device for the selected apps. If you select Unified data, it includes iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. 
    • App Analysis by App: compare apps downloads and revenue side by side within the same graph. It gives you full access to any apps' downloads and revenue allowing you to compare app's success. 
  2. Select an app store: App Store, Google Play or Unified for both app stores.
  3. Pick whether you'd like to view the app's Downloads or Revenue.
  4. Select the app(s) you'd like to view the downloads or revenue for.
  5. Then filter the data in whichever way you'd like using the filters at the top of the graph.

All of this data is also exportable as a CSV file.

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