For App Intelligence, the data is updated and available hourly to keep you up-to-date on any category ranking, review, keyword ranking and all other App Intelligence data.

For Store Intelligence, the exact breakdown is as follows:

  • Top Apps/Top Publishers is available at 5:00PM PST 4 days later. The Weekly estimates are available the following Thursday and the Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly is available the 4th of the month (for the previous month).
  • App Analysis/Publisher Breakdown/Store Summary is available at 
    • Daily: 5:00PM PST 1 day later.
    • Weekly: 5:00PM PST 2 days later
    • Monthly: 5:00PM PST 2 days later
  • Android Estimates appear at the same times as above, however, they are subject to revision over the following three days. This is due to the Google Play Store notifying publishers and developers of their actual download and revenue performance three days later as well.

For Ad Intelligence, all of the data is updated on a daily basis. The data is available at 5:00PM PST the following day.

For Usage Intelligence, our Daily Active Users (DAU) is updated daily but the most recent data is available at 5:00PM PDT 2 days later. Engagement Metrics such as Session Count, Session Time, Demographics and others are updated quarterly and available on the 4th of the following month. 

Please contact with any questions.