Ad Intelligence is driven by hundreds of millions of mobile ad impressions from all major ad networks and app data from our App Intelligence platform. With Ad Intelligence, you are able to uncover insights such as which app publishers spend the most on mobile app campaigns each week, which networks serve impressions for specific apps, and the granular details for every piece of creative content captured. Click here to know more about the methodology of Ad Intelligence.

Within Ad Intelligence, our Advertiser Insights section provides comprehensive insights on Advertisers across major networks on the App Store or Google Play Store through our Top Advertisers, Top Creatives, Creative Gallery, Network Analysis, and Global Analysis features.

With the Publisher Insights section, you are able to shape or optimize your strategy through Top Publishers, Advertiser Breakdown, Network Analysis, and Global Analysis features. 

Enterprise accounts have access to all of the mentioned features, while Free, Pro, and Business accounts have limited access.