Our new feature, Customizable Dashboards, showcases any graph or table from any one of our four platforms. Dashboards give you a quick and easy way to view overall app market. Add as many graphs and tables into one view to get a deep analysis into one specific app or look into a group of apps and compare their metrics against one another on one easy to view page. When you create a dashboard, you can either choose to create a blank dashboard or select a Dashboard Template that matches with your use case to get started. 

In the top of the left navigation pane of the platform, you will now see the Dashboards and Alerts section. This section includes the Customizable Dashboards feature and the Custom Alerts feature. 


Note: If you’d like to know more about Custom Alerts, please reach out to support@sensortower.com.

The Custom Dashboards section will showcase your Top 5 Dashboards that you can easily navigate to, by clicking on any of the names. If you haven’t created a dashboard yet, it will instead “Create A Dashboard.”

To view all of your Dashboards, you can use the Customizable Dashboard Dropdown. You can choose to see:

  • All Dashboards: including both public and private dashboards
  • My Dashboards: dashboards that are visible to you only
  • Organization Dashboards: dashboards that are public to all team members from your organization

In the top right of your screen you will see a new icon,that allows you to create and view a new dashboard. Similarly to Bookmarks, you can click on this icon to view your current Dashboards or create a New Dashboard.


You can also edit and delete any of your Dashboards from this view by clicking the Pencil (Edit) or the Trash Can (Delete).


Creating New Dashboard using Dashboard Templates

Sensor Tower's new Customizable Dashboard Templates now allows you to select pre-made dashboards with all the data charts and tables that fit your needs. Utilize these new templates to keep a high level overview of the app markets, find new leads for your business, take a quick look into your app's KPIs, and more.

After clicking New Dashboard you can choose to create Blank Dashboard or import a Dashboard Templates. Based on common use cases, Sensor Tower offers multiple templates to help you get started. In these templates, we pre-load all charts from platforms that are relevant to each topic. You will be able to see all the charts that you have access to. 

* Note: Customizable Dashboard and Dashboard Templates are only available to enterprise users.

Adding Charts

When you either create a blank dashboard or import a template, you can always add more charts to a dashboard. Select any type of chart from our platform that you wish to see on the Dashboard, whether it be from Top Charts, App Intelligence, Store Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, or Usage Intelligence.

When adding a chart there are many different options you can select to customize your exact view. First name your chart to keep your team up-to-date on all new charts being added. Use any/all of the filters to customize your chart as much or as little as you like. Then add as many apps to the graph to provide more data on one single graph. There are also options to show or hide the Chart legend to provide more insight into the graph. Lastly you can view a preview of the graph as you make changes to ensure the information is valuable to you and your team.

Editing Your Chart

Once the Chart is on your Dashboard you can view details, make edits, resize, move, or delete any chart you like. The top right of every chart/graph shows the details which you can click further into, to see the details of the chart you are viewing. The right corner also expands out showing a few important buttons which (from left to right):

  • Go directly to the Chart
  • Delete the Chart
  • Resize the Chart
  • Edit the details of the Chart
  • Move the location of the Chart

With Customizable Dashboards you can add as many charts on as many dashboards as you like. You can customize your view to whatever data you need. Easily see any data from any graph in one wholistic view. But if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to support@sensortower.com