Sensor Tower's platform now enables you to view advertising insights from the ad network, Snapchat. 

With this new ad network, you can:

  • View Top Advertisers spending on Snapchat.
  • View Top Creatives that are seen by Snapchat users.
  • Check specific apps' creatives on Snapchat.
  • Analyze apps' share of voice on Snapchat across time.
  • Compare your app's share of voice with your competitor's on Snapchat.

Sensor Tower shows all sponsored ads within Discover - For You section from Snapchat as videos. Snapchat plays ads in the format of a "story", and Sensor Tower merges these stories into one easy-to-view creative. This network data was captured beginning March 13th, 2019.  

Ad Intelligence is currently only available to Enterprise users. If you have any questions about this new ad network, please reach out to