Revenue Per Download (RPD) is a new measurement available for App Analysis within Store Intelligence. RPD represents all-time cumulative revenue divided by all-time cumulative downloads, or simply put:

  • RPD is the average amount of revenue that an app earns per download. 


RPD allows you to track different types of monetization strategies and is a signal for an app’s LTV (Lifetime Value). If you'd like to learn more about these strategies, you can view our Use Cases on RPD as links below.


As a new chart type next to Downloads/Revenue, RPD displays as a chart, and is included in a new column in the Breakdown Table, next to Downloads and Revenue. You can compare RPD one or more apps, of selected countries, of competing publishers, and across iOS devices.


NOTE: Store Intelligence data goes back to 2012 for iOS and 2014 for Android (improved regional coverage starting 2016). Downloads and revenue from before those dates will not be included in RPD. You may find some spikes in your charts when these data are introduced.


NOTE: RPD data is only currently only available for All-time data.


Use Case links:

(Coming Soon)