The Keyword Downloads feature generates estimates for the number of downloads an app earns from each keyword that it ranks for. Keyword Downloads can answer questions like: 

  • “How many of Disney+’s downloads come from users searching for ‘star wars’, and how many come from users searching for ‘iron man’?” 

  • “Is it better for my app to rank at #1 for many low traffic keywords, or #3 for one popular keyword?”

  • How many new users did my recent ASO campaign earn?

Keyword Downloads can help guide your ASO strategy and help you understand the impact of your ASO campaigns on user acquisition. 

How It Works

Keyword Downloads shows data over a 1-day duration, 2 days ago. 

For example, data shown on January 15th, 2020 is the Keyword Downloads for the entire day of January 13th, 2020.

It is represented as a column in Keyword Rankings. If your organization has an Enterprise App Intelligence subscription, we provide the percentage of all organic downloads that came from searches for a given keyword. If you have a Store Intelligence subscription, you’ll also see the absolute number of downloads per keyword.

The Untracked Keywords row shows all organic downloads that come from keywords that you aren’t tracking for that app and country. You can hover on the Untracked Keywords text to see what those keywords are.


  1. First, we take an app’s 1-day download estimates from Store Intelligence. 

  2. Next, we estimate the organic downloads based on the category’s overall blend of organic and paid downloads.

  3. Then we adjust the download estimates based on apps’ visibility in app store searches.

  4. We calibrate the download numbers using Paid advertising data from Ad Intelligence.

    1. Note: For iOS apps, we adjust our estimates to remove downloads from Apple Search Ads, which we do not consider organic keyword downloads.

  5. Removing all of the paid downloads leaves us with our estimate of overall organic downloads.

  6. Once the organic download estimates are finalized, we distribute those downloads to each keyword an app ranks for based on keyword's traffic and app’s keyword rankings.

NOTE: Apps that are not ranked highly enough to be tracked in Store Intel will not have Keyword Downloads estimates. Keyword Download estimates are still under active development.